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Sangay National Park, Ecuador

CLIMB ECUADOR is a family-run mountaineering/hiking/trekking/travel company formed in 1999. We first ran trips to Ecuador, organizing 16-day trips with climbs of Rucu Pichincha, Iliniza Norte, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Later, we expanded into Bolivia, Peru, Argentina (Aconcagua) and Mexico. Then came our Central America Trilogy – trips to Guatemala (2016), Nicaragua (2017) and Costa Rica (2018). Some 40 trips and 20 years later (yes, 2019 marks our 20th Anniversary!!) we are still going strong in our quest to offer people the “best vacation of their lives!!”


Our next trip, scheduled for May 24–June 9, 2019, is a 17-day, hiking intensive trip to SPAIN, home to picturesque mountain ranges, beautiful churches, medieval castles, enormous artistic heritage, Mediterranean beaches, superb wine, flamenco, paella, Picasso, Cervantes, Dali, tapas, bullfights, friendly people, and more! The itinerary includes 6 separate climbs, 11 days of hiking total, including climbs of the four highest mountains in continental Spain. All summit bids start from comfortable high mountain huts, complete with beds, restaurants and outdoor patios so if you feel fatigued one morning and want to skip a climb to relax and soak up the mountain air over a cup of tea, no problem. As always, this is YOUR trip — you go at your own pace.


When not hiking, we will visit famous cultural sites as we travel. Trip dates of May 24 to June 9, 2019, are designed to avoid the summer heat, and to avoid excessive snow in the mountains. For more information, including a detailed itinerary, trip cost, and what’s included and not included in the trip price, click on the link to “SPAIN” above.
Remember that you can also visit Climb Ecuador on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/climb.ecuador/



 Recent Climb Ecuador Trips:

MEXICO: November 26  – December 9, 2017
• La Malinche (14,640 feet)
• Izta (17,126 feet)
• Pico de Orizaba (18,405 feet)

ECUADOR: December 28, 2017 — January 14, 2018
• Rucu Pichincha (15,500 feet)
• El Altar (17,451 feet)
• El Sangay (17,400 feet)

GUATEMALA: January 7–21, 2018
Volcano climbs: Pacaya, Acatenango, Fuego, Santa Maria, Tajumulco and San Pedro.

Sunrise on Acatenango (13,045 feet) in Guatemala. Well worth the hike!

Sunrise on Acatenango (13,045 feet) in Guatemala

NICARAGUA: February 17–March 3, 2018
• Hike and trek over volcanoes: Mombacho, Masaya, Cerro Negro, El Hoyo, Telica, San Cristobal and Cosiguina.

COSTA RICA: January 26 — February 11, 2018 
• Hike and trek over 6 volcanoes and one mountain. Plus 4 beaches,  3 waterfalls, several national parks and even boat trips.  Visit a coffee plantation, and stay at a variety of hotels and beach resorts.

SPAIN: May 24–June 9, 2019 (NEW!!)
• 17-day, hiking-intensive exploration of three mountain ranges in Spain. Hike to the summit of the four highest mountains on mainland Spain. Visit Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Barcelona and Benasque (in the Pyrenees). Explore Spain’s rich cultural heritage (including the Alhambra in Granada) between hikes.



Hikes and scenic climbs in Central America and Ecuador with Climb Ecuador

View from summit of Izta (17,126 feet), in Mexico – with Popocatepetl (17,802 feet) in back



Our trips can best be described as “fun and flexible.” Our focus is on hiking and climbing, but we always schedule city tours and side activities between climbs. Our trips can be strenuous, but we do nothing that the average “weekend warrior” who is in good physical condition can’t handle. Ages for our clients range from 18 to 73, but most clients are over 50. We guarantee single occupancy at all hotels and enough guides on each hike so you can walk at your own pace and not feel “pushed” by faster group members.
Our goal is simple: to provide you with THE BEST HIKING AND TRAVEL ADVENTURE YOU WILL EVER HAVE. Take a moment to explore our website and see if CE is for you.

Guatemala weavers and artisans

Market day in Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Mountain adventures in Ecuador, also Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico

Condoriri basecamp in Bolivia in 2005

Nicaragua group on top of Cerro Negro 2017

Nicaragua group on top of Cerro Negro (Climb Ecuador) February 2017

Remember that you can also visit Climb Ecuador on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/climb.ecuador/



Climb ecuador group on the summit

Summit of Huayna Potosi (19,974 feet) in Bolivia (May 2004)


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